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Bodie California Ghost Town – Thursday Doors

In June 2014, we took a little family trip to Bodie California and visited one of the coolest California parks, Bodie State Historic Park.  Bodie, CA is an authentic wild west ghost town.  The park is officially in the “state of arrested decay”.

Some Quick Bodie California Ghost Town Facts:

  • Bodie CA was founded in 1876 after gold ore was discovered.
  • Bodie elevation is 8,379 feet.
  • The town was named after W.S. Body.
  • Bodie once had a population of 10,000 people.
  • At one time Bodie had 65 saloons!
  • Bodie had a jail, post office, Chinatown, firehouse, mortuary, sawmill, butcher shop, and red light district.
  • In 1890 Bodie was California’s 2nd or 3rd largest city.
  • Over $75,000,000 in gold was taken out of the Bodie Butte.
  • There are about 100 structures standing.
  • More than 200,000 people a year visit Bodie.
  • Bodie is located approximately 75 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe.
  • The town nearest to Bodie is Bridgeport, CA.
  • Find out about Bodie events on their facebook page.
  • Bodie CA weather here.
  • Some of the houses are still lived in by park staff.

Bodie California Ghost Town Pictures

One of the things I love about visiting Bodie CA is visitors are free to walk around the town and peek into all the buildings.  We spent four or five hours walking around this ghost town.  All of the interior pictures were taken through windows.

Here’s a Bodie house.  What’s so cool about this ghost town is most of the houses all still have furniture in them.  It’s like the owners woke up one day and just left.

Bodie Ghost Town Front Door

I love this house below!  As you can see the owners kept adding on and adding on.  If my memory serves me correctly, this house was one of the only ones that had an outhouse attached to it in the back of the house.

The red-headed girl walking towards the back of the house is my daughter #3.  😀

Bodie Ghost Town HouseBodie, CA Ghost Town Pics

Interior view of one of the Bodie, CA houses.Bodie CA Ghost Town Inside House

Here’s another interior.

Bodie California Ghost Town

In the interior photo below, there are still jackets hanging on hooks.

Bodie CA Inside House

Here’s a baby’s bedroom.

Bodie California Nursery

Here’s a small bedroom.  It looks like they had used some sort of cloth as wall paper.

Bodie Ghost Town Bedroom

I believe these scales were used to weigh gold.

Bodie CaliforniaBodie CA Old Hotel

Below is the old Bodie schoolhouse.  The two looking inside are my daughter #2, and my son.
Bodie Ghost Town Old Schoolhouse

I took this picture below of the schoolhouse globe.  It was sitting near the window.Bodie California Schoolhouse Globe

Interior photo of the schoolhouse.  Notice the writing on the chalkboard and the student desks with books on them.  A wood stove is in the center of the classroom.

Bodie California Ghost Town Inside Schoolhouse

Below, is the interior of a saloon.  It looks like the center of the room has been braced up.Bodie California Saloon

Here’s the interior of another saloon.  Check out how ornate the wood stove is.  Does anyone want to play pool?  Look at the legs of the pool table, how cool is that?Bodie California Saloon

The picture below is the interior of a hotel room at the big hotel.

Bodie California Inside Hotel Room

I believe this is the kitchen of the big hotel.  Can you imagine having a refrigerator like that?

Bodie California Hotel Kitchen

Of course, I had to include at least one picture of the interior of an outhouse.  Note how small the center hole is.  I am guessing, the urinal must have been added later?California Ghost Town Outhouse

Here’s the barber shop.

Bodie Ghost Town Barber Shop

This is the inside of the church.

Bodie California Church

Below is an interior picture of the General Store.  Look at how cool the ceiling is.

Bodie CA General Store Ghost Town

This is the other side of the General Store.

Ghost Town Bodie California General Store

This is the automotive shop, which is attached to the General Store.

Bodie California General Store

Here’s an interior shot of the mortuary.

Bodie California Funeral Home

Here’s an old documentary from the 1950’s on Bodie California – Bodie Ghost Town.

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Jesh StG

Friday 5th of February 2016

Never heard of Bodie, but from your description it can't be too far from where I have moved last year. Wow, I can see this was the Gold rush era - pretty ornate things here. Thanks for sharing your visit here!


Friday 5th of February 2016

Jesh, you should totally take the time to go visit Bodie, it's amazing! Thanks for stopping by!


Friday 5th of February 2016

What a fascinating place to visit I'd love to go one day,by the way great photos!


Friday 5th of February 2016

Thanks, Emma! Bodie an amazing unforgettable place and if you are ever in the area, you should visit.

Marian Allen

Friday 5th of February 2016

Wonderful pictures! I love it that everything is left just as it was, dust accumulating on it with the years. "Arrested decay" is a great term!


Friday 5th of February 2016

Bodie really is an amazing place and my pictures don't do it justice! Growing up in California my whole life, I had never even heard of Bodie until my husband mentioned he wanted to check it out.