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HangryFork History

History of

12-05-2021 was created in November 2015.  At the time, my husband was out of work.  He didn’t have much hope of getting a consulting job any time soon.  Oil prices were down, and drilling rigs were stacked and rusting.

Luckily we had some money saved up.

Out of sheer desperation, was created.   

Ten months after creating this site, I got serious about finding a full-time job with health insurance benefits.   I wanted to go with a government agency because I knew they would pay the majority of the health insurance for my family.  I also knew government agencies would not discriminate against me for being a stay-at-home mom. 

My husband works as a consultant.  His having health insurance is a requirement for every job he gets.  While he was out of work, we had to pay $2,000 a month for health insurance. 

With ZERO income coming in and having to pay out $2,000 a month for health insurance plus the rest of the monthly bills, we were in a world of hurt, and our savings were being depleted rapidly.

I figured if I could get a job covering our mortgage and health insurance, it would be such a relief. 

I took every government agency exam I qualified for – City, County, and State. Then, I applied to every government job I was qualified for within a one-hour commute of my home.  

I went on several job interviews and got an offer with the State of California, which is the job I currently have. 

My first day of work was in December 2016.  It’s now been five years, and I am fully vested with a baby retirement plan. 

Going back to work after 20 years of not working and having a two-hour round trip commute was stressful, so HangryFork was put on the back burner.

This site continued to make $30 – $100 a month for five years = blog passive income. 

A few times a year, I would get an email from someone letting me know that my site was down and asking if I could please fix it because they needed my Carnitas Recipe or this Step by Step Pattern for a Quilt Made From Old Jeans.  So I would delete whatever plugin had caused the issue, the site would be back, but I never took the time to update the site.

Soon after I went back to work, my husband got a consulting job and has worked steadily for the past five years. 

My husband hopes to work another four years and then retire. Likewise, it’s our goal for me to retire when he retires. 

I’m hoping will be my part-time retirement/hobby job.  I would be thrilled if this blog could pay for itself and our food bill or my property taxes!

August 2021, on my birthday, I recommitted to building this website up. So, I will be giving it a real go at becoming something.  This time around, I have my husband’s support, which has made all the difference.  Support is everything!

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