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Welding Projects | Base Rock for New Barn

My husband has been very busy with welding projects.  He’s slowly replacing things he lost in the Valley Fire.  He recently made a welding table, a steel man basket for his forklift (he hasn’t finished this welding project yet) and some flatbed sideboards for his Ford dually.  All the welding projects are his own designs.

Welding Projects

Here’s his new welding table.  He mounted a vice he pulled from the ashes.  Since I took this picture he’s oiled the vice and it doesn’t look quite as sad as it looks here.  He plans on adding a few shelves to the welding table when he gets the supplies.  It’s pretty snazzy isn’t it?  Eventually, the welding table will live in the garage (once we get it rebuilt).

Welding Table

This next welding project took him a few days to build.  We had a lot of wet raining days, rain and welding don’t mix.  These sideboards are removable.

Welding Projects Flatbed Sideboards

These sideboards were designed for hauling gravel.  The end is extra fancy, it locks in place while driving but when it’s time to dump the end unlocks and opens for easy dumping.

Welding Projects Dump Bed Sideboards

Here’s a few pictures of the sideboards in action.

Dump Truck Dually Flatbed

In the picture below, he swung the tailgate up and over so we could get all the gravel out of the bed.  We were dumping the gravel into the tractor bucket and then moving the gravel next to the storage container, where the tractor is parked.

Ford Dually Dump Bed

Here’s the Kubota parked in its spot with freshly spread gravel.  Note how all the trees are burnt up.  We really hope they will be back in the Spring.

My husband also welded together the rafters covering our new shipping container (tool shed).  We bought the 20′ shipping container right after the Valley Fire mandatory evacuation orders were lifted.  We lost five outbuildings in the fire and had nowhere to store replaced tools.  The shipping container was the fastest easiest storage solution.

Kubota Parking Spot

Our New Barn Progress

Yesterday we had two transfer truck deliveries of base rock.  We have ordered a new metal barn from our neighbor who just happens to be a barn builder to replace the redwood barn we lost in the fire.  The old barn site is very low now because the cleanup crews removed so much dirt to make sure the land wasn’t contaminated.  We’ve decided to relocate the barn to a different location that makes more sense to us and we need to bring the land up level with our house so it won’t flood when it rains.

This is what 47.49 tons of base rock looks like.  Today my husband is busy spreading it all out.  Look at our poor burned trees near our house, most of these trees are Redwoods, which are evergreens.  How sad!

Base Rock for Barn

Deborah Gero

Monday 17th of May 2021

Nice to see of your project. Thanks for sharing.

Maria Gracia

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

Thank you for taking a look. When most people imagine welding, they think of standard heat staking to weld two or more pieces of metal together.

Gilbert G. Lopez

Thursday 1st of November 2018

I am sorry to know about your loss but i have to admit that the transformation of the truck was amazingly done by your husband. I want to make one for my own but not quite sure about the welding gears. Can you please help me out...


Wednesday 1st of August 2018

For all people out there considering copying what shelly's significant other did it would be ideal if you simply ensure you contribute a brief period finding appropriate security gear. There are numerous phony Chinese welding head protectors flooding the market that won't secure your eyes. You just have one arrangement of those so deal with them!


Saturday 9th of June 2018

hey shelly thanks for sharing and that I m four-year-old craftsman and if you don’t mind I simply need some additional data relating to tig attachment from him please transfer some additional attachment data blogs.

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