Here’s a super cute denim I spy rag quilt


This quilt is made from my husband’s old jeans.

See how the edges are frayed?   That’s what makes this a “rag quilt”.

This quilt was a birthday gift for my daughter #2.   It's extra special since it's made from her dad's old jeans.

How to Make a Denim I Spy Rag Quilt

This quilt is made from cutting out denim circles.  I used a Corelle pasta bowl for my template.

The first step is to figure out what size bowl you are going to use.

My circles are 8.5" across which ended up being 5.75" square.

I laid the bowl on the denim and used a sharpie to mark the wrong side of the fabric (inside the jeans).

Then I cut out all the denim circles.

Here’s a much cuter picture of what 126 denim circles looks like.

I figured out what size square would fit inside the circle.

I then marked HALF of the circles in the stack with the square template.

I then attached the circles together.  I attached one marked circle to an unmarked circle.

I pressed the circle flaps open with a hot iron.

I sewed the strips into two large pieces.  I didn’t join the entire rag quilt because I didn’t want to struggle with pushing the entire quilt through my sewing machine when attaching the I spy fabric squares.

Before I started piecing this I spy denim rag quilt I decided to order the I Spy fabric squares from eBay.

Now it’s to pin the I spy fabric squares to the quilt.

Sewing Denim Flaps Down (Locks in Cotton Squares)

Stitch flaps down.   I drew a red line on the image with my finger on my cell phone, but I think you get the idea.

Attach binding if you are using it.

After the binding is done, it is time to cut into the seam allowances of the denim circles, which are now squares.

This is what the quilt looks like after it frays from being washed.

Here's the back of the quilt.